February Blues (Poetry)

Open book in red heart shape on blue background

The After February Blues for y’all….

From Leah Goodwin 1995

How would you feel
If I told you it is real
the after February Blues
Well, I’ll tell you where I am
See Some bo-dee-y
Made Febru–ar–ry
a month for Black Histo-ry
and some-bo-dy
made Febru-a-ry
the month for love.

and somebody must realize
that February
being the shortest month of the year
and being the month for blacks and lovers
could be a hard month
for blacks and lovers ….here
are many similarities

Black Americans have a never-ending battle
against American hatred
prejudice and genocide
Lovers have to be brave
and find a way to make the love survive.
Black lovers?
You follow my direction
Black lovers celebrate a short month …. where
Roses are red and Black is the thing to do.
Making a happy – but short recognition of self
Making a month of joy
in a year full of work.
Making a busy month of the year
Where we celebrate blackness
Where we celebrate love
Where we celebrate ourselves

and our black love
and then it is March
and we are not in the news
we are back to being denied and
no one wants to hear our views
and we find ourselves feeling a little abused
as we feel those — after February Blues.

Music is Food for My Soul


Music is food for my Soul

When my life feels out of control

Music is food for my soul

When I feel that need to connect

I plug in

To jazz

I mean – I expect

That Miles can take me away

My breathing changes

And the tears begin to roll

Cleansing my mind

Music is food for my soul


Now it is not always the melody

That takes me on a journey

No, the beat

Makes me tap my feet

And those low steady tones

Of the bass

Keep my groove in place

So when life takes its toll

Music is food for my soul.

And even when I’m happy

There is a place in the melody

Finding myself humming a song

Yes when life is good music still comes along


Music is food for my soul

Music is food for my soul

Live music is such a treat

The whole experience is so sweet


When my girl Cynthia

Sings My Funny Valentine

My heart opens up

And the memories are sublime.


Music is food for my soul

Music is food for my soul

Music is food for my soul

Let’s go eat some


I mean I want a big purple bowl

Of music for my soul.



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