Lent 2020


This season has a pattern

A rhythm, a message, it’s a parable

It’s a cautionary tale

A spiritual manifestation

This 40-day time is a time for releasing and renewing

A time to reconnect with God

A time to feast and to fast

And a time of reviewing.

The earth is crying

The small voice is knocking at our door

And the almighty is entering in

Stronger than before.


I hear it!

“Be still and know that I am God”

After Pharaoh persecuted the Jews

And the ten plagues arrived

And the final one

Death to the first son…

Made him let go of the Jews and set them free.

There is a message for the Dictators in this century

And this global pandemic will affect everyone.


I feel it

My soul cries for the pain to our planet

The earth it’s too hot

And she calls to us with fire and water, and hurricanes

But we won’t change our habits,

We think it won’t matter.

Humankind is full of false Gods and idols

Our political leaders, athletes, and actors

They get statues and tributes,

Golden accolades, and parades.

Did we forget what the almighty said?


Humans… Listen it’s the cry of the creator

The plea of our planet

And we go on with more trash

More consumption

More greed

All the messages are here, and we will not take heed.


So, in this 2020 40 days of lent

Have you given up a thing?

To remember the gift of the Son.

The crucifixion and resurrection of the holy one?

His message of healing and the power of truth

Is forgotten in the daily media,

We worship our phones

We kill people using drones.


The final message is hear

It is loud and it’s clear

A modern plague, it’s called a Pandemic

No one is safe.

It is not nation against nation

It is a global virus

A deadly situation.

The universe is sending us a cosmic two by four

Let go of your current ego driven life!

Stay home, stay safe, stop driving, talk to your neighbor

Use your device to connect with music and song,

Celebrate the gift of your freedom, your family and look at what’s wrong.

Have we forgotten, the message?

The gift from above?

It is time to breathe into your spirit

And find a new way to be love.

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