Tubman Chavez Stories: A Community Cultural Display

These events are in the past. Links to flyers are provided for anyone interested in following the progress of the Public Art Program at the County of San Diego Southeastern Live Well Center. Thank you for your interest. 

at the new County of San Diego Southeastern Live Well Center

This display will be on a 20-foot wall in the main lobby of the new County of San Diego Southeastern Live Well Center located on the southeastern corner of Euclid Avenue and Market Street.

Learn more about the Southeastern Live Well Center here

Display Design Concept Theme: The vision for this display is to guide you through the timeline and origin story of this sacred space in our community—from the Kumeyaay, to the bricks and mortar building that eventually became the Tubman Chavez Community Center, to the Southeastern Live Well Center today.

The community has spoken!

 SURVEY CLOSED FEBRUARY 4, 2023. Thank you for your participation.

• View the two different design concepts
• Tell us which of the design concepts you prefer:
1) in person, fill out the survey form OR
2) online, use the QR code or this link to visit the survey form bit.ly/selwc-cultural-display-survey 

Design Concept A

Photo Album Scrapbooks

The background is wall covering with patterns and shapes common to many Indigenous and ethnic groups and cultures. Two large open photo albums or scrapbooks contain iconic images (yet to be chosen). They are printed on canvas and wrapped around boards that stand out from the wall surface. Two small notebook covers tell the theme of each scrapbook. Text captions among the photos tell the history of the Tubman Chavez Community Center. 

Design Concept B

Chollas Creek Photo Montage

The creek is represented by the flowing band of color against soft, natural colored and textured background wall covering. A montage of photos (yet to be chosen) each printed on varying sizes of wood panels are mounted in varying depths, creating a dimensional floating texture. Text panels tell the history of the Tubman Chavez Community Center. The inspirational words across the bottom are adapted from the vision statement.

The original building sign

Design elements in both concepts

The original building sign letters have been saved and will be painted and mounted as a title for the wall. The entire sign will not fit in the space, so the choices are either TUBMAN.CHAVEZ or COMMUNITY CENTER. 

The blurred images represent photos from the community; actual photos are still being collected and have yet to be chosen by the Committee. 

The far-left panel introduces a Kumeyaay handwoven basket, a map of the region, and a special land acknowledgement. 

We learn about the vision of Councilmember George Stevens, to have a community center as a place to gather and connect. The Shona sculpture was purchased for the original building, and we show pages from the “State of the Fourth Council District 1992-1995” booklet that tell the story. 

A video monitor (approximately 42” screen) shows a continuously looping documentary video with more photographs and interviews of community members. 

Leaf shapes reflect our natural surroundings; they are raised panels, each with a quote curated from stories told by community culture bearers. Disks of color on raised material are screen printed with information about elements in each section. 

The far-right panel contains the architectural rendering for the new County of San Diego Southeastern Live Well Center, photos of the new building, and the aspirations to build on this historical legacy. 

A QR code on the final panel allows viewers to download a brochure that tells the story. 

 The Tubman Chavez Community Cultural Display embraces the diverse history of this space, which represents the heart, spirit and legacy that continues today. 

We want the display to represent and inspire our community. Your opinion is important!