Monday Musing – Remembering Black Wall Street

I claim this moment of silence
as the truth of a 100 year massacre
in our own Country comes to light
Our ancestors
send red birds and their stories take flight

Black Wall Street, is a truth
Biden stands up and takes the cover off the lie
that thousands of us Black Folks
living in harmony and prosperity,
were slaughtered and left to die

My heart hurts but heals
as we get to the bones
release these tormented souls
so their spirits can find new homes

The soul of this Country
took a step forward today
but the ugly is still here
As Texas passes laws
and some Electeds sharpen their claws
for the next,
As I write this text
I claim that we will stand up
and speak the truth
for the soul of our people
and find a day when racism and hate
is not part of this nation
as a homage to our ancestors and a promise to our future generations!

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