Pain Passion Poetry (2009) is a book co-authored by Leah Goodwin and Leroy Brady. The perfect gift for anyone on the path to learning about love, it contains twenty-six compelling poems on love, hurt, recovery, and love again.
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From the Soul of a Poet (1995) is a book co-authored by Leroy Brady and Leah Goodwin. It is a collection of poetry.
$7.95 plus shipping and handling fees

Other books that include Leah’s writing are Collectively Creatin’ – Words and Images from African American Writers & Artists,1997 and Teaching ESL Through the Arts: A SUAVE Experience, Ally & Bacon, chapter contribution: “Loving the Logistics: an arts administrator’s thoughts on collaboration,” Summer 2003

Leah is available for writing custom poetry for any occasion. Her process is to interview the requester to find out details about the event, a special person, or life circumstances. Then she writes a poem, presents it for review and revisions, and arranges with you the details of exactly how your poem will be delivered. Each custom poem deserves its own special consideration, whether printed on parchment paper and rolled into scrolls to give away at a wedding, keepsake page to be included in an obituary, or any other creative and loving delivery method.

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