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Leah heals people with her words. At the age of eight, she won her first limerick contest and she has been writing ever since. Leah writes custom poems for weddings, births, coming of age, end of life or any of life’s events. Through her deeply spiritual and empathic awareness, she connects and channels just the right words for an expressive response. The resulting one-of-a-kind custom poetry gives beautiful tribute to each person and each occasion. 

Pain Passion Poetry (2009) is a book co-authored by Leah Goodwin and Leroy Brady. The perfect gift for anyone on the path to learning about love, it contains twenty-six compelling poems on love, hurt, recovery, and love again. $11 plus shipping and handling fees

From the Soul of a Poet (1995) is a book co-authored by Leroy Brady and Leah Goodwin. It is a collection of poetry. $7.95 plus shipping and handling fees

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Other books that include Leah’s writing are Collectively Creatin’ – Words and Images from African American Writers & Artists,1997 and Teaching ESL Through the Arts: A SUAVE Experience, Ally & Bacon, chapter contribution: “Loving the Logistics: an arts administrator’s thoughts on collaboration,” Summer 2003

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